Data Visualization

Better decisions start with powerful supply chain data visualization

What’s driving your biggest supply chain planning decisions? Are your stakeholders empowered to ask the tough questions to your data? And if so, can they trust the answers they receive? Answer these questions and more by using the Demand Solutions Data Visualization tools to get real-time snapshots of your overall business health—learn not only what happened but also why it happened

One of the biggest risks to a growing manufacturer or distributor is the prospect of deploying a massive analytics platform, finding it cumbersome to use, and then taking years to get adequate value from it. By contrast, Demand Solutions DSX is designed to go live quickly at a reasonable cost per user, and to remain flexible to your changing business needs as your company grows.

Demand Solutions Analytics, powered for our DS Data Store, lets your people share knowledge, find answers, and make discoveries in a social, collaborative online environment. With the supply chain data visualization capabilities of DSX, you never have to worry about your greatest insights being trapped inside mountains of data.

Supply Chain Data Visualization

Use a Data Visualization Solution That Thinks the Way You Do

Working in an increasingly complex global marketplace means new business problems which require new kinds of solutions. But your stakeholders won’t come up with their next biggest insights if they’re not certain that the data is current, accurate, and relevant.

It all begins with Demand Solutions’ Data Visualization documents.  Available with a DSX SaaS subscription, these prebuilt supply chain analytics give your decision-makers dashboard views of your company’s key metrics upon go-live, enhancing your DSX investment and allowing them to make decisions based on real-time data from across your enterprise. Furthermore, with its powerful descriptive and diagnostic analytics, the Demand Solutions Data Visualization tools provide the information needed to make the best critical decisions. 
Advanced Analytics dashboard With these sets of supply chain analytics, they can:

  • Discover unexpected insights
  • See relationships in your data
  • Identify areas for further investigation
  • Cast a wider net with direct and indirect search
  • Find answers quickly

Data Visualization is Harnessing the Power of Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics to Provide Relevant Role-Based Insights

Don’t let your next big supply chain insight go undiscovered. Find out how Demand Solutions Data Visualization can turn complex data into supply chain insights and transform your decision-making cycle into a process of discovery.

See how Demand Solutions DSX is providing supply chain data visualization for today's leading companies.

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