Create smarter line plans: Meet your performance targets by managing seasons, departments, collections, and even specific styles. Increase your chance of meeting revenue and profitability goals by setting detailed financial plans and enforcing the use of bottom-up analytics across your targets. Lay a foundation for future development by creating line plans that specify the exact SKU count for each division, category, and product.

Establish a single source of truth: Replace spreadsheets and emails with a secure, accessible solution. Manage images, extended attributes, and media copy for all your distribution channels in the digital asset manager, making these assets available across the platform. Broadcast messages to the appropriate groups and see in real-time who has reviewed and commented on changes. Create product data directly in the system or import it from your legacy PLM platforms—and then easily share it with other systems of record. 

Design products strategically: Set the direction of your products and materials based on-trend and competitive analysis. Ensure that every concept meets product requirements and cost targets. Increase the efficiency of your product developers by empowering them to reuse designs, materials, and product specification data. Establish inspiration boards where designers can collaborate on collections. Maintain all creative assets with their associated metadata for categorization and retrieval purposes. Integrate with Adobe to let designers use their current toolset. 

Gain control of costing: Work closely with your vendors to optimize your price points and margins. Minimize risk by performing what-if scenarios to project which items are likely to hit financial targets. Create multiple cost sheets per product.

Streamline sample management: Reduce costs by ensuring your products are viable before you issue requests for samples. Manage, track, and document sample requests in one central location. Simplify communication by automatically notifying stakeholders of rejections and creating modified sample requests.