Quality Management and Audits: Reduce chargebacks and rework by identifying quality problems more quickly. Deploy mobile applications for performing inspections and audits at your plants so that your staff can promptly address failures. Perform trend analysis to easily identify factories in need of improvement. 

Regulatory Document Management: Safeguard your brand value and avoid costly litigation by reducing your risk of non-compliance. By enforcing control and accountability for all your suppliers, vendors, and other third parties, you can protect shareholder value and win greater market share. 

Global Logistics Management: Manage a wide variety of logistics processes from your browser. You can create barcode carton labels, inbound paperwork, and ASNs in one place. You can also receive associated documents automatically once cartons are placed on shipments, track shipments at each location, and learn about delays in real time. 

Powerful Collaboration: With Quality and Compliance Management, there’s no danger of losing your most important information. All documents and communication are stored in the platform where your entire team can refer to them at any time.