Strategic Sourcing: Streamline the RFQ process and quickly select the most qualified vendors based on the exact criteria you specify. By managing the process centrally, you can identify and compare suppliers, evaluate quotes, send notifications, and make a more strategic selection in less time.

Supply Base Management: Reduce the complexity of vendor management by managing the process on a single cloud platform. Gain full visibility into the use of subcontractors and Tier 2 suppliers—and report on everything from social and regulatory compliance to manufacturing capacity.

Supply Profiles and Scorecards: Evaluate your global vendor profile at a glance. With a single, central view of supplier performance, you can more quickly take corrective action on non-compliance issues such as on-time deliveries, completion rate, sample approvals, and performance testing.

Vendor Onboarding: Optimize your supplier onboarding process in ways that increase compliance. By organizing, vetting, and managing your vendors and factories, you can mitigate potential risks. From there, track performance and promptly create and issue corrective action plans. 

CSR and GMP Audits: Protect your brand by presenting a transparent view of your supply chain to auditors. Manage the complexities of CSR—and give your production leaders an easy way to ensure that your products are consistently produced according to GMP quality standards.

Compliance Packets: Manage your critical vendor information in one place to increase transparency and accountability, ensure responsible sourcing, and protect your business from worker retaliation. When you store and manage all your signed compliance documents centrally, you make them accessible throughout your global supply chain.