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Supply Chain Planning: Paving the Way to Accurate, On-Time Delivery


What stands between completing a new product design and starting production? What prevents you from having the optimal level of investment, in the right locations to deliver the best customer service? Both of these depend upon a diverse range of activities most of us know as supply chain planning.

The most basic supply chain planning would probably involve projecting demand for a new product, balancing demand and supply, generating an initial forecast, and making a plan for reordering as necessary. But in real life, your job is anything but simple.

To ensure accurate, on-time delivery of your finished products, your supply chain planning processes must address:

  • Demand planning. What spikes and valleys can you reasonably expect in customer demand over the next few months? What are your current safety stock levels? Where’s the “sweet spot” at which you’ll be covered against stock-outs but not holding excess inventory? 
  • Supply planning. Where are your suppliers located? What constraints do they face in providing the supplies you need? What information can you provide your suppliers so that they’ll be able to plan ahead to meet your needs? 
  • Forecasting. What’s the overall health of your business today—and in which direction is it trending? What are your inventory needs across all product groups? Does the 80/20 principle really hold true for your business? 
  • Advanced planning and scheduling. What constraints do you face around people, machines, and inventory? How are your production capabilities affecting your lead times and promise dates? What mismatches between supply and demand may be looming on your company’s horizon?

Despite the sheer number of factors you must consider in your supply chain planning processes, the success of your efforts boils down to one thing: good data.

Supply Chain Planning Based on Your Best Data

Too many organizations make crucial supply chain planning decisions based on outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate data. As a result, they perpetuate last year’s failures even as they’re trying to make this year their best year ever.

Demand Solutions offers a better way. Our supply chain planning software give you the demand planning, forecasting, and advanced planning and scheduling functionality you need to make sure you can execute on your customers’ needs every time. We also deliver the native supply chain business intelligence and predictive lead time features you need to maintain real-time insight into what matters most to your bottom line.

Learn more about Demand Solutions’ supply chain planning software.

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